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How to Winterize and Store Your Boat

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Winterizing your boat and keeping it at a self-storage facility for the duration of winter, is a necessary seasonal task.  Before you even begin to winterize your boat, it’s important to know when you need to prepare it for the winter, in most cases, before the first major freeze of the season. Here are a few quick winterizing tips:

  1. Flush the engine with fresh water. This process will flush salt, dirt, and other contaminants out of your engine in order to prevent blockages and corrosion.
  2. Stabilize your fuel. Unstabilized fuel can degrade during the winter, causing gummy buildups that can clog up your engine supply lines.
  3. Fog the engine cylinders and carburetor intakes. Coating the inside of your engine with fogging oil will help prevent corrosion. Check your owner’s manual or engine manufacturer’s instructions to determine the best type of fogging oil to use and the proper procedure for fogging your engine.
  4. Flush your engine block with antifreeze. Using antifreeze will prevent damage that can result from water freezing in your engine block.

Here are a few reasons why putting your boat into self-storage vs. storing it at your personal home is the best option:

  • Options: What’s especially convenient about going to a self-storage facility for winter boat storage is that you often have a choice between indoor and outdoor boat storage. With outdoor boat storage, you’ll park your boat on its trailer in a secure area designated for storing boats, most of the time with other vehicles and RVs. If you don’t want to sacrifice any garage space at home, then an indoor storage unit is for you.
  • Facility access: With self-storage, you can access your boat easily. You simply drive up to your parking space or storage unit and pull it out yourself. If you want to have access to your boat at any given time while it’s in storage over the winter, such as to perform maintenance or maybe even take it out on an unusually warm day, BTA Self Storage offers extended access hours which means you’ll be able to reach your boat even at dawn when the fish are starting to bite!
  • Advanced features: Another benefit of using self-storage for winter boat storage is the numerous measures that are put in place to protect your belongings. Regardless of whether you are using indoor or outdoor boat storage, you need to consider a facility that features a fenced-in perimeter with gated entry so that only tenants and staff members can enter. BTA Self Storage has these features and more!

By investing in a self-storage unit to store your boat during the winter months, you can be sure that your boat will be ready for next season when you hit the water with your family and friends!

Why Choose BTA Self Storage

BTA Self Storage may have a location closer to you than you think! Our four locations in Rockwall, Royse City, Forney/Terrell, and Wills Point not only have climate and non-climate storage units, parking for your RVs, boats, and vehicles, we also have all the moving supplies you need from boxes to furniture covers along with trucks and trailers. BTA Self Storage is family and locally owned and operated too. We have been in business since 1998 and our friendly employees are waiting to help answer your storage questions.